Basel Social Club 2024

with Barbara Signer

June 9-16, 2024
in Basel, Switzerland
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nearby Restaurant Predigerhof

Cured by Natalie Price Hafslund
Friday 14 June 10pm-
in front of Barbara Signer’s installation

Barbara Signer
Lives and works in St. Gallen and Zurich.
In her work she deals with reality. It is a reality which is formed by multiple layers of meaning and the relations between beings and things, a place between fact and fiction.


Natalie Price Hafslund (b.1987)
Lives and works in Fjørtofta and Paris.
Price Hafslund is interested in how we construct ourselves, how we connect to each other and to what extent we have control over that. In her live performances, she explores a constant flow of found material, memory and associations, creating magical and unsettling personas.

Fjørtofta とパリ在住。人がどのように自己を構築し、互いにどのように繋がり、それに対してどの程度コントロールを持っているかに関心を持ち制作を行う。ライブパフォーマンスでは、見つけた素材、記憶、連想の絶え間ない流れを探求し、魔法的で不安を誘うペルソナを創り出す。

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