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東山 詩織 Shiori Higashiyama

Shiori Higashiyama
Born in 1990, Higashiyama employs a technique of repetitively depicting a single motif in a pattern-like manner, a practice she began during her university years.

Trees planted to divide urban spaces, tents serving as mobile homes, and sports courts - the way they stand together conjures images of formations used in battles to ensure safety or arrangements created for sports strategies.

Higashiyama has increasingly chosen tents as her motif, especially after natural disasters. This choice reflects her personal experiences and observations in her daily life. She views tents and city-planted trees as buffers that connect people without completely blocking the sense of distance. She believes that maintaining this kind of spatial distance is a method for protecting oneself from psychological stress. Consequently, the figures she paints all gather or stand with relaxed expressions. Some of them hold smartphones or tablets, attempting to connect with the outside world through gestures and movements that continue to evolve in the modern era.

In her recent works, there is an attempt to abstract the repetitively depicted motifs as a sequence of colors or to create a different space by adding a mesh-like layer.

東山 詩織

2016年 東京藝術大学 美術研究科 修士課程修了
2013年 多摩美術大学 絵画学科卒業

2023年 Personal Hedges、NADiff apart、東京
2023年 盾、ハンカチ、遊工房、東京
2022年 boundary line、second 2.、東京
2022年 盾、葉、Token Art Center、東京
2020年 simple bed、Token Art Center、東京
2017年 uzna omom b one#06、東京
2014年 とけないひなぎく、Space Wnderkammer、東京

2023年 日本国憲法展、無人島プロダクション、東京
2022年 LTYE オープンスタジオ 東山 詩織/郷治 竜之介、遊工房アートスペース、東京
2022年 Ai Mi Tagai London/Tokyo 2022、White Conduit Projects、ロンドン
2021年 Heritage Space MAP 2021、ハノイ、ベトナム
2021年 SHIBUYA STYLE vol.15,SEIBU、西武渋谷店美術画廊、東京
2021年 舞うように考える Thinking like dancing、Do a Front、山口
2021年 エマージング・アーティスト展、銀座蔦屋書店GINZA ATRIUM、東京
2021年 Ai Mi Tagai 2021、遊工房アートスペース、東京

2021年 Heritage Space MAP 2021、ハノイ、ベトナム(オンライン)
2021年 Do a Front AIR 2021、山口
2015年 Artist-In-Residence Exchange Program、Acme Studios、ロンドン

Shiori Higashiyama

Born in 1990, Hyogo, Japan
Lives and works in Tokyo
2016 Tokyo University of the Arts,M.A Painting
2013 Oil Painting Course,Tama Art University, Tokyo

Solo Show
2023 Personal Hedges, NADiff apart, Tokyo
2023 The shield, handkerchief, Youkobo art space, Tokyo
2022 boundary line, second 2., Tokyo
2022 The shield, leaf, Token Art Center, Tokyo
2020 simple bed, Token Art Center, Tokyo
2017 uzna omom b one#06, Tokyo
2014 Tokenai Hinagiku (Undissolved Daisy),Space Wnderkammer, Tokyo

Group Show
2023 The Constitution of Japan, MUJIN-TO Production, Tokyo
2022 LTYE Open studio Higashiyama Shiori/Goji Ryunosuke, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo
2022 Ai Mi Tagai London/Tokyo 2022, White Conduit Projects, London
2021 Heritage Space MAP 2021, Hanoi, Vietnam
2021 Thinking like dancing,Do a Front, Yamaguchi, Japan
2021 Ai Mi Tagai 2021,Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo

2021 Heritage Space MAP 2021, Hanoi, Vietnam(Online)
2021 Do a Front AIR 2021, Yamaguchi, Japan
2015 Artist-In-Residence Exchange Program, Acme Studios, London

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