Current show:Pic of Pain -After glow-, 2024, 145x95 mm, Lambda Print
Pic of Pain
Shiho Saito 斉藤 思帆

May 11 - June 8, 2024
2024年5月11日 - 6月8日

Opening reception:

May 11, 5-8pm

18, Murataでは斉藤思帆による個展『Pic of Pain』を5/11(土)より開催いたします。

タイトルの『Pic of Pain』はPicture of Paintingを略したものですが、言葉が略されることによって別の意味も付与されます。それは、絵画が写真に写されるとき、別のイメージに変容することの示唆のようにも受け取れます。

18, Murata is pleased to announce Shiho Saito’s solo exhibition Pic of Pain, opening May 11th. 
Saito’s paintings incorporate printmaking techniques on materials such as Japanese Washi paper, using acrylic paint, watercolor, and silk screen. With these works she then challenges conventional methods of art display by presenting them in unorthodox ways such as framing them with cut-out wallpaper or creatively arranging them on shelves typically found in homes. This presentation aims to blur the lines between art and everyday life, inviting viewers to explore the intersection of art and human experiences. Similarly, the online presentation of the artwork deviates from traditional methods, opting for photographs that capture the spontaneous discovery of paintings within the context of daily life rather than using straightforward documentation.
The exhibition centers around two main components: photographic works and paintings. Primarily featured are the documentation photographs of Saito’s paintings, where the incorporation of the environment into the artworks is prominent. While the photographic documentation of the artworks will be exhibited consistently throughout the duration of the show, the paintings will rotate daily on the gallery's main wall.
The title Pic of Pain is a contraction of Picture of Painting but by abbreviating the words it also adds another layer of meaning. The title can also be interpreted as suggesting the transformation of paintings into different images when they are captured in photographs.

これまでの主な個展に「TEMPORAL POSSESSTIONS Ⅱ」(個展、東葛西1-11-6, A倉庫、東京、2023年)、「か な た」(個展、一乗法華寺、東京、2022年)、「私は瞬きもせずそれを見つめていた」(個展、MANHOOD gallery space、東京、2016年)など。
グループ展に「Maps」(Cité Internationale des Arts、パリ、フランス、2022年)、「感性の遊び場」(ANB Tokyo、東京、2022年)、「一方そのころ/meanwhile」(谷本真理との二人展、KAYOKOYUKI、東京、2019年)、「End of Summer Open Studio」(Yale Union、アメリカ、ポートランド2019年)など。アートユニットThe Goodwillerとして田岡美紗子と古着や古物を用いたプロジェクトも進行中。

Born in Tokyo in 1988. Graduated the master’s degree of Musashino Art University Printmaking department. Saito creates paintings incorporating printmaking techniques, using materials such as Washi (Japanese paper) with acrylic, watercolor and silkscreen.
Saito has presented her work in: TEMPORAL POSSESSSIONS II (solo exhibition, Higashikasai 1-11-6, A SO-KO, Tokyo, 2023), Ka na ta (solo show, Ichijo-Hokkeji Temple, Tokyo, 2022), I was staring at it without blinking (solo show, MANHOOD gallery space, Tokyo, 2016), Maps (Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France, 2022), Playground for the Senses (ANB Tokyo, Tokyo, 2022), meanwhile (two-person’s show with Mari Tanimoto, KAYOKOYUKI, Tokyo, 2019), and End of Summer Open Studio (Yale Union, Portland, USA, 2019). She is also involved in the art unit The Goodwiller with Misako Taoka using vintage clothing and antiques as a project.

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